App Marketing

App Marketing

Mobile app marketing refers to marketing that happens on mobile devices. App marketing can happen via mobile ads, apps, or mobile websites.  Aath Info Solutions are leaders in making app marketing software. There are two major types of mobile app advertising

  • App store optimization
  • Instagram, Facebook and Twitter adds
Types of App Marketing

Push Notification

Push Notifications are banners or alerts that appear on your mobile device home screen or lock screen. They are similar to text message but appear when a user downloads your app. Push notification allows you to give your user a status update about a purchase, special offers he or she may be interested in or use GPS system to give a personalized message.
Advantages of push notification

  • They can increase user engagement with your app
  • 65% of users who receive push notification return to your app within 60 days.
  • 50% of users find push notifications useful.

Rich Push Notification

Rich push notification is similar to push notification but include a media file like image, video or sound file. The content rich format makes it easier to stand out among other notification. Data indicate 30% of users who receive rich push notification were more engaged in the app.

In-App Message

In-app messages appear when a user is actively using the app. In-app messages allow to show the user to show product updates, confirm purchase, give personalized recommendation based on previous purchases and request for reviews or ratings in app store.
Advantages of in-app message

  • A huge jump in conversion, data suggest there was a 4 fold conversion due to in-app messaging.

  • There was an increase in app launches users were more likely to open the app if you communicated through it

  • In-app messaging allowed users to use the app and get back to what they were doing.

Aath Info Solutions can integrate push notification, rich push notifications and in-app notifications into our app marketing software. This improves user experience tremendously.

Benefits of App Marking

Build a strong brand

Mobile apps offer consumer awareness and communication with your brand. This interaction can build trust between you and your customer. App marketing is a great platform to show your customer why they should trust you by showing what your company represents.  Businesses across sectors are now developing strategies for mobile apps

Connect better with the customer

Customer interaction has changed and is not about face to face communication anymore. App marketing has proved to be a game changer where customer service. Through your app your customer knows that you are geared to provide them the best platform to purchase your product. Purchases can be made throughout the day without having to wait for regular business hours.

Boost profits

When customer satisfaction increases so do your sales. Launching mobile app in addition to an interactive website will boost sales and consumer experience.  Large numbers of purchases are made via mobile device. Data indicate that Domino mobile app saw an increase of 28% in United Kingdom alone. If you are not using app marketing you are losing out.

At Aath Info System our team makes user friendly mobile apps for your business. We understand the importance of your need to stay connected with your customers and build a strong brand name for your company.

Provide more value to your customers

Business is all about reciprocation. You provide a service or a product and you get paid for them.  App Marketing is a great way to increase interaction between your customers and you and is a great way to encourage sales. This can be done in many ways – loyalty program is a great way to garner customer loyalty.  The more your customer interacts with your products or services the more points they accumulate. These points can be redeemed for great deals. App Marketing lets a customer see their points being accumulated in real time provide greater incentive to purchase things via your app.

App Marketing Metrics you should focus on

  1. Average number of active daily and monthly users

Active users are users who take actions that generate revenue.  This will give you data on how your app marketing is performing.

  1. App Session length

App session length is the average time in seconds your user spends on your app from login to close. This data gives excellent feedback and may indicate areas you need to improve on. The app session length will also depend on the nature of your app. People spend longer hours on gaming apps than purchasing apps.

  1. Acquisition segmented by referral source

Acquisition through referral sources means the number of users who download your app through other source such as Instagram or Quora.

  1. Screen flow

The path taken by the user while using the app can reveal a lot of data about user habits. The data can also help you optimize your app.

  1. Time in App

The amount of time a user spends in your app daily, monthly or weekly.  This will let you know the users who are using their apps actively.

We at Aath Info System use app metrics to measure the performance of our apps. We analyze these metrics to optimize the app during updates.

How do you design a mobile marketing app?

App marketing ensures you can communicate with your audience in a personalized, relevant and interactive manner.

  1. Once your company decides to invest in building a mobile app for your product you first have to decide what the app will do and how the app will interact with your target audience. A car manufacturer may let you compare car specs at home, before you head to the showroom or book for an after-sales service for your car.


  1. There are three major digital platforms in market Apple ios, Android and Window phone 8. While it is possible to develop cross-platform apps in some case you may have develop your app separately for each platform. In case you want to use built-in features of your phone for e.g. camera for scanning QR codes. This may result in a significant increase your development budget.
  2. While designing app marketing for your firm you have to decide the features you want included on your app. This can be a combination of content, interaction and transactions.
  • Content features articles, product catalogues, manuals and so on.
  • Interactions are what make your app interactive these can be customized around your business interaction and audience. Some typical ways to include interactions in your app are
    • Wizards are features that walk a user through particular process. They may help a user find right service, compare product features or help them make decisions about a particular purchase.
    • A calculation tool lets your users calculate price of the product or service.
    • Forms to help users ask question or request for additional data or speak to a customer representative.
    • Other tools can be wide variety from letting you try out things virtually to having a interactive helper.


  • Transactions are the feature you use for your app marketing. This can range from actual purchase to booking for a service. Transaction will require successful background integration for the app to work.

Aath Info Solutions can design mobile apps which run on multiple platforms. Our team launches products for your customers after extensive research and testing. Our team has consultation with your marketing team and understands all requirements before coming with a prototype. Extensive testing ensures that users can use your app effortlessly.