Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant

Brand consultants provide general and in-depth marketing expertise to help a company make strategic decisions and bring a product into a market. Aath Info System are a Delhi based branding consultant. We can provide a third party perspective about the working of your marketing team and management practices. We are aware of all the latest trends in marketing and branding. As branding consultants Aath Info System is knowledgeable in PR Strategies, pricing, overseeing marketing budgets v/s sales achieved, packaging, distribution and corporate communications.

We can be part of your company think tank and help you work out strategies and make sure that your business plan are aligned with market realities, customer preference and changing customer dynamics.

Aath Info System are also known as brand strategists, we transform your company into market leader using market analysis, content marketing, website audit, keyword research and video services

Role of brand consultant for your company

Understand the nature and objectives of your company

Once you have hired a brand consultant for your company. Aath Info System’s primary duty is to understand the nature and objectives of the companies. We try to understand the vision, mission, short term and long term objectives of the company.  Our tem speak to your management, marketing team. We learn features of the products, brand history, and target market.

Analyze bottlenecks

Aath Info System are hired to increase market share and enhance brand value. This is especially true on depreciating brands. As outsider we can analyze bottlenecks in your system. This bottleneck may be in operations, sales force, management, employee motivation, marketing, brand strategies, or competition in the market or the product being offered. We can provide feasible solutions after analyzing the problem.

Access Customer perception

Our consultants access customer perception by conducting primary and secondary research. We find answers to questions about the product from customer such as -:  their opinion about product and brand, does the product make their lives easier, their expectations, complaints if any or why customer may prefer competitor’s brand.  The answers will help you establish brand loyalty for your product

Plan marketing and promotional strategies

After understanding the nature of the business and features of the product offered brand consultants have a marketing plan and promotional strategies to increase the sale of the products.

Study competition

Aath Info System’s brand consultants studies the direct and indirect competition faced by the brand in order to plan a coherent strategy with the help of marketing programs and promotional tools to increase your brand value and help you gain a competitive edge.

Enhance customer services

We plan and design a customer service program which include after sale service to retain old customers and convert new ones.

Why you need to hire a brand consultant in Delhi?

Brand consultants at Aath Info Solutions conduct market analysis to assess competitors, market intent, and online presence.  Through them companies gets information regarding competitors and the strategies used by them. This competitive analysis helps companies to determine keywords used by their competitors, structure of the website and optimize search and the demography of people following them on social media. Brand consultants study the customer to understand their needs.

Our brand consultants conduct SEO audits to determine Google rankings.  We implement various SEO practices to improve Google ranking. We work on your website to help you achieve your goals.  We optimize website by implementing the best SEO practices and website compliances.

Aath Info Solutions conducts comprehensive market analysis. This analysis helps you get information regarding your users, competitors and websites. We create a solid branding strategy.  These include market research, assessing competition, price, branding, packaging and aggressive product distribution.  We consider every product feature and can position to product to be more appealing to the customer

Services offered by a Brand Consultant in Delhi

Aath Info Solutions have various ways to help you build your brand

• Brand development – Brand consultant have an in-depth knowledge working of your firm. They consider long and short term goals while giving strategic recommendations to enhance your brand both within your organization and target markets.

• Creative Services – Brand Consultants offer graphic design, copywriting, and digital services. We can carry out advertising campaign, and social media campaign. We work with your company to create a positive image on various forums.

• Brand Management – Brand consultants are always on the lookout for opportunity to promote your brand meaningfully. By monitoring and moderating your company social media content we can shape customer perception while gaining insight into their behavior. This insight help brand consultant to tweak our campaign in meaningful manner.

• Building team –Aath Info Solutions believes in giving custom solutions after understanding how your company operates. Our teams of professionals work with your core team members to develop and execute a plan that will deliver.

How to Choose a Brand Consultant in Delhi?

Choosing a brand consultant can be daunting. The best way is to choose a consultant after interacting with five to four different short listed firms. Brand consultants can be accessed on the depth of experience and their ability to use and leverage different medium.  Brand consultants should know about brand strategy and design.

It will be wise to select a brand consultant who is willing to step out of their comfort zone to be innovative and creative while offering solution. They should have a tried and tested approach to deliver results for their clients.

It is vital you find a brand consultant who believes in your vision and mission for your company. The business plan presented by them should be aligned with your company vision. A good brand consultant should be able envisage a future state for the company and know the best branding practices to reach it.

A brand consultant will achieve your companies business branding in a structured and creative manner. You need to find a partner who is creative, passionate and has well defined processes. We at Aath Info Solution make customized solution aimed at giving you a unique competitive edge. We have a strong digital team who can leverage the power of information technology and web to set you apart from your peers and competitors.