Branding Case Studies

Branding Case Studies

Holiday Express travel started to offer their customers luxury and personalized tour packages. They wanted to make their website user friendly enabling customers to book their packages online. They changed their website from an content marketing website to an e-commerce website.

Luxury travel wanted to take advantages of digital marketing to introduce the new interface allowing customers to book customized holidays online. Allowing customers to choose their itinerary and dates, the automated site aimed to make booking holiday more convenient.

Aath Info Systems are not only about designing a new website but also to help build a viable online business. To enhance usability we decided to incorporate e-commerce in the web design. A search algorithm allowed users to use more advanced booking options.  Payment gateway was successfully integrated allowing customers to receive immediately.

The new changes benefited Holiday Express travel tremendously within one week of launch the website had over 50 booking from around the country. Over the next 6 months the company showed an increase in customer booking as well as repeat customer booking new holidays.

Branding Case Study 2

Nature delight was a family owned brand that needed to update their brand name and position to show their modern practices. Nature delight followed both conventional and modern farming technique without the using organic techniques. Nature delight was direct to customer model needed to optimize their website.

We decided to overhaul their website with a user friendly tone.  We utilized several features of digital marketing such as email marketing and social media to stress the direct customer to farmer model. The company used eco-friendly farming in line with their philosophy.

The changes benefited Nature Delight they should a 15% increase of clients over the first two months. They also ran recipe contest where people tagged produce they cooked with. This was very popular. Nature Delight had 200 new clients over a period of six months.