Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Social media is the newest tool used in the networking world Facebook is probably the biggest social media platform. Initially, Facebook used to connect people on an individual level. With a subscriber base of over 2.45 billion, it is today a huge community of individuals in a network. It has now proliferated around the globe. We estimate that over 65% of mankind is logged onto Facebook.

Under these circumstances, Facebook is potentially the most wide-reaching media that can be leveraged for marketing and advertising. We at Aath Info Solution are leaders in social media marketing and have the resources to plan an effective Facebook marketing campaign for your firm.

Benefits of Facebook marketing

Conventionally most of the marketing and promotional activity on the internet is done through websites and business portals. These media have revolutionized the marketing space and have allowed firms and organizations to reach out to a potential global clientele. With social media, a more communicative business environment has emerged.

Grow brand awareness and traffic

Facebook offers an alternative way to reach your customers.  Sponsored posts have advanced algorithms that let you target customers for like or click. Facebook marketing typically proliferated through views and ‘likes’. When your company’s launches Facebook page, all company employees and associates should they should prevail all company employees and associates upon to ‘like’ the page.  This will let the networks of the people who have can then access or view the page ‘liked’ the page increase. Further ‘likes’ takes the reach of the page further. Whenever the page is updated or fresh content is added, the fresh content should be’ liked’, as earlier so that this new content can be spread more effectively.  Many companies opt to use organic methods such as Facebook groups and influencer marketer to improve their visibility.

Keep your audience engaged

The Facebook page is a lot more interactive than a website. It is a lot easier to build a rapport with potential clientele if the page can elicit responses from the clientele. We use Facebook to educate them about the advantages and features of your product or services.

Your audiences spend a lot of time on Facebook so engaging with them on the platform makes sense. Companies must try to drive dialogues and actions in the platform itself. The company should be very vigilant and active as Facebook users expect rapid responses from companies.

When a user is on Facebook, his attention is divided between multiple tasks and pages, he is likely to have a comparatively short span of attention. We must feed relevant updates and relevant information to page visitors at frequent intervals to enhance the recall of the product or the page. Sometimes companies organise contests or quizzes on their page to enhance interest. You can also embed external links to engage the user more.

Drive Revenue

Facebook can find leads and drive sales. Facebook gives a lot of useful feedback like demographics of visitors, no of visitors, etc, which help if further formulating a strategy.This information can use to personalize your campaign for your user.

Educate your Customer

Facebook is a powerful tool to keep and support of your existing customers. Create content which is focused on answering queries a customer may have is a great tool to empower them. Keep in mind a Facebook-based strategy is an inbound strategy. It’s about relating to your customers and forming a relationship with them over time.  It requires dedication, creativity and an eagerness to reach out to your market

Provide Customer Support

Facebook allows you to have a direct conversation with your customers and provide effective customer service. Tools such as messenger bots, human interaction via Facebook messenger and Facebook Groups allow you to interact with your customers and can build a bond with the community. Done effectively, you can build a relationship of trust with your customers. Groups provide a great forum to communicate directly with their community.

How do we carry out Facebook marketing?

Aath Info Solution allows you to make most of your Facebook business page. We make great Facebook pages to build your brand identity.  We keep your page updated by sharing images, links, Facebook live videos and other content that your core audience wants to see and applies to your product.

We supplement your Facebook marketing approach by using Facebook advertising. This is primarily to increase likes and clicks.  Facebook has a huge amount of data in its possession. Advertisers can get a lot of help in targeting the ads to maximize the impact. Further feedback data from Facebook helps the advertiser to change, tweak or further enhance the effectiveness of the advertisement.

At Aath Info Solution we constantly analyze data to create attractive content–we write new content,  post images or videos. New contests keep the audiences engaged.  We have a dedicated administrator who maintains the page and collecting and collating traffic feedback.  This information allows us to modify our campaign and improve customer interaction. Use our Facebook marketing services to increase your profits and march ahead of your competitors.