Sanskar Bharti Haryana

Project Detail

Sanskar is an associate institution of the Indian National Association of Volunteers. Its establishment was aimed at bringing national consciousness in the field of fine arts. In the backdrop, there was meditation and tireless labor for the intellectuals like Bhaurao Deoras, Haribhau Wakankar, Nanaji Deshmukh, Madhavrao and Yogendra ji.

From 1954 the concept of Sanskar Bharati was developed and in 1981 it was established in Lucknow. Art or Vishukta means that art is the one who provides freedom by cutting the evils of the evils. With its declaration, today more than 1500 units of Sanskar Bharti are working in the country.

ClientBhaurao Deoras, Haribhau Wakankar
Project Date14 July 2017