SEO Audit

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the analysis of your website based on factors important to the search engines in terms of organic search results.  Aath Info Solutions caries out SEO audits to evaluate your website grading it on the ability to appear on the search engine page (SERP).We helps to identify the strength, weaknesses, and potential of your website. Aath Info Solutions carries out a detailed SEO audits to ensure you get maximum ROI on your website.

We at Aath Info Solutions carry out different SEO audits and how they can benefit your company website

  • SEO technical audit helps to identify the technical problems with your website that are preventing search engines to crawl through the website and understand the content.

  • Competitive website audit compares the result of your top competitors are doing during SEO and will let you test your comparative SEO scores. This process will help you identify what can work for your market segment better and employ successful marketing tactics to build your business.

  • Local SEO Audit helps you get accurate and actionable data on key areas of local optimization during local SEO Audit including local listing, local citations, on-site and off-site activities, local search activities and search.

The importance of SEO Audits

An SEO Audit identifies the technical Issues on your website:-
During SEO audit Aath Info Solutions helps you identify the technical glitches on your website. Our detailed technical SEO audit helps you indentify technical loopholes in your website. Technical SEO relates to helping search engines crawl through your website better. Google prioritizes UX over other parameters. A fast website contributes to good user experience. Some things which contribute to long load time.

    • Larger images
    • Redundant javascript
    • Server response time
    • The Audits identify redirect (301 redirects, 302 redirects). Redirects should be minimal as they slower user experience. 404 errors ( Page not found) act as roadblocks should be avoided. We should fix these errors to provide a seamless experience to your users.

    • The audit helps to improve the site architecture and URL structure. Your website architecture determines the flow in which people will navigate through your website. The sub-folders should maintain good architecture and the URL should be short and descriptive

Identifies your website on-page issues

  • Page SEO refers to optimization that can be made on the content easily. Our SEO audit covers the following elements
    • Meta titles should be between 35-70 characters and should contain keywords. The description ideally should be less than 160 characters.
    • Headers are like headlines in the newspapers. Headers should contain keywords.
    • Content is king and should always be SEO centered.
    • The internal link will help you navigate the internal links of your page.


    Identifies competition 

    When a company tries to build an online presence, it must know what its competitors are doing. The SEO audit conducted by Aath Info Solutions will let you know what online strategy your competitors are using, giving you an idea of how to combat it.

    Identifies Your Backlinks

    Backlinks have been an important part of Google algorithms. Backlinks are links from outside your domain. Your backlink profile contributes to the strength, significance, and diversity of your domain link. Backlinks should come organically.

Aath Info Solutions has been in Digital Marketing Industry for many years. Our team of SEO experts offers implementable recommendations that offer quantifiable results for our clients. All our clients who have used SEO Audits for their websites have shown a significant improvement in their SEO rankings.