SEO Case study

SEO Case Study 1:Flitways a travel website

Flitways was a travel company was having problems with their online strategy. They were wanted to maximize marketing on the digital platform when they approached us.

Aath Info Solutions, a digital marketing company has always proactively tried to improve the situation for its clients. After studying Flitways website and using Google crawlers we came up with strategies they believed would help them

Some Strategies included

•Research -We conducted thorough research on Flitways to understand their brand and the way they operate. We examined their website and did a competitor analysis as well.

•Improve the content of their website – Aath Info Solutions completely overhauled its website to meet the requirement of Search Engine Optimization. We did this by including blogs, content marketing articles. We included unique and quality content on their website to make it more attractive and improve search engine results.

•Social media – We used social media effectively to build the reputation of the website.

•Keyword research – Effective keyword is the key to high SEO rankings. Aath Info Solutions successfully incorporated keywords into the Flitways website.

The result of SEO case study showed

After implementing the key strategies stated in the vision document we re-launched Flitways website. There was a spike in the number of visitors to the website. This also increased its client base. Through the comprehensive list of strategies Flitways consistently achieved a high ranking of six months. The keyword list which was constantly worked on helped Flitways get a high number of repeat visitors as well. The social media outreach showed the number of likes and shared went up by 30%.

SEO Case Study 2 : Training institute

PRWatech is big data training institute in Bangalore and Pune. The institute offered online class facility as well. Aath Info Solution was approached to improve their SEO rankings. After studying their website and conducting a thorough investigation.

Some strategies we followed

  • We spent a few days at PRWatech understanding their business model and speaking to the stakeholders to get a greater feel of what they wanted to achieve through their website.

  • We changed the look of the website and made finding information easier. We introduced keywords organically into the various modules that the institute conducted.

  • The social media pages were a great platform to improve the visibility of the website and company.

The result of SEO Case study

The result improved the number of visitors to the website. The online initiative improved the number of people enquiring about the training services. The login features on the website ensured repeat visitors. The blogs section was very popular. The bot feature on the website ensured prompt responses to every query.