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SEO or search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic organically or naturally from search engine results. The internet has changed the way businesses operate an active online presence is key for staying visible and acquiring new clients online. Research shows 75% of users never scroll down past the first page of the search engine page and 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. This data shows the importance of ranking on search engine pages and the importance of getting a high rank on these pages. Aath Info Solutions is a leading SEO service provider located in Noida, India we provide that ensures that your website becomes a leader in the pack. Our digital team of experts comprises of SEO experts, web designers, content writers and

SEO Fundamentals

Keyword research and integration

Keyword research and integration are two integral mechanisms of SEO. A user looks for relevant information online using keywords. Using these keywords on your website will help boost your rankings. Keyword research tools help you find keywords. Keyword research is a crucial part of your website’s SEO rankings. There are two types of keyword research – long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords. Long-term keywords are over 3 words and are intent-based and are easier to integrate into your website.  You need to be integrated into your website, organically. SEO Service helps to integrate these keywords without keyword stuffing.

Focus on user experience

• User experience on your website plays a fundamental role in the SEO rankings of your website. Ideally, users should experience a positive experience while engaging with your site content. A search engine takes into account the time spent on your website as a sign that your website applies to search algorithms.
• The speed of your loading website is an essential feature to improve user experience. Websites that take long to load cannot keep user interest. Most people expect your website to load in less than 3 seconds.
• Your website should be easy to navigate and users should be able to find relevant information quickly. Adding visuals to your website is a great way for users to retain information.

Optimize title tags

Tags are a crucial element of SEO optimization. Optimizing titles is important since it is the first thing your audience sees when they visit your website. SEO Services start by integrating keywords into the title. Optimizing your title will lead to a better generation of interest and leads for your product.

Optimize meta description

After title optimizing SEO principle dictates that you optimize your meta description to contain relevant keywords. Users look at meta description accompanying your website before clicking on the link. Meta descriptions are a short description of 150-160 characters to grab the attention of your potential customers. SEO Services know how to leverage the meta description of your website to get great results.

Publish valuable content for your user

Marketing is a crucial part of any SEO campaign. SEO services can drive your content marketing using numerous forms such as- blogs, videos, infographics, books, and guides. Content marketing is an excellent forum to share information with your audience. Knowledge sharing helps to establish expertise and trust with your audience.

Tag images

Images on your website are an excellent way to make your images readable. Search engine websites like Google can’t understand image files – the description of your image file helps it understand the relevance of the image. This is also useful when your image does not load properly user know what the image is depicting.

Link Internally

Linking your document is an important tool used by SEO services. When you link your page internally you guide a consumer to the relevant pages and help them expand their knowledge.

About This Service

Aath Info Solutions understands how to optimize SEO effectively. Our team of digital team of expert’s works to find keywords that will work for you. We have talented content writers work to integrate keywords organically into the content. Our web design will optimize your website with a focus on user experience. They also make sure your website features all the characteristics to improve your SEO ranking. Our testing department carries out vigorous testing before launch to smooth out all the bugs before launch.Read More

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