SMO Audit


SMO audits are a series of  steps taken to evaluate and optimize your business’s social media profiles and approach.  Aath Info System can conduct SMO Audit to  help your business to stay on top of your online presence.

Why conduct a social media audit?

Completing a SMO audit can answer several questions about the relationship between a company and its audience.
• Does your social media page bring new customers?
• Are they helping you retain old ones?
• Is the online profile in line with the business plan?

A SMO audit is an opportunity to realign the online presence with your current business plan. The results can be used to plan future campaigns and completing future audits.

How do we conduct a social media audit?

Locate all profiles

Certain profiles are easy to find if social media is well-integrated with marketing strategy, while others have become obsolete. These profiles are on social media sites which were once popular but have since gone down. There are many social media website like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and employment websites like and indeed which need to be audited. Our team of SMO expert crawls through social media websites and make a spread sheet of all your profile

Record Information

Aath Info System record data from each social media website and  make a comprehensive database containing information such as

  • People who have access to modify data
  • Number of followers how the number has changed over time
  • The engagement of viewers on the page.

Check each profile separately

Social media sites vary in the amount of information a business can list. Going through information will ensure you can leverage maximum millage from every social media account. During the audit we make sure all the relevant fields have been filled to let you get maximum millage. Some social media sites vary depending on the device we view your profile on different devices during the audit.

Check for consistency and deviation

Logos and names should be consistent across all platforms. Images, videos and other content should be relatable over various platforms. Aath Info System makes sure content on every social media account is consistent with the company’s overall marketing strategy.

Consider the market

Certain markets prefer different platforms. For e.g. Pinterest is comprised of women. E-commerce website uses the information to target ads better.

Set goals

Once profiles are consistent and evaluated, you can move to setting up your goals for next few months. Set concrete goals such as increase in the number of followers, improve audience engagement.  These goals form the basis for future SMO audits.

Dispose unnecessary followers

Some profiles are underperformers. Followers are going down or engagement is going down. We recommend if you should shut the profile or go in for a complete overhaul.

Identify unauthorized profile

There may instances where there are unauthorized or fake profiles in its name.  Our company helps you identify these profiles and take steps to shut these down.

Aath Info System has developed its tools and methods to conduct comprehensive SMO Audits. Our SMO team  gives a complete report which will help you chart a future course of action.