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Website design comprises many skills and disciplines in the production, deployment and the maintenance of websites. Company websites are the first interaction a perspective client has with your company. A well conceived and planned website is a core part of an organization’s communication. Aath Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd is website design company in Delhi prides in making websites with an intuitive interface which are easy to use and navigate.

When the World Wide Web first came into existence it was heavily text based. There was no integrated approach based on graphics and sound. Websites started to become more popular appearance of website began to matter. Commercial websites started to appear in the late 90s designers started to give more attention to readability, appeal and sites began to use animation and tools like Adobe Flash.

In the 21st century website designing companies started to integrate design with content. CSS2 became widely used giving greater control over placement and control. Technologies like AJAX became popular. Since 2010 mobile devices have grown in popularity changed the way web works. Web pages now had to work on range of screen sizes. There is clear difference between the content and design of a web page. This was called document object model helped creating models which work with any content.

What does a website designing company do?

Your company needs a website contacting Aath Info Solution Pvt. Ltd a website designing in Delhi will be the best thing you do.  Creating a website is difficult, which is why most companies go to professional website designing company in Delhi. Hiring Aath Info Solution Pvt. Ltd will be the best decision you have ever made.

A website designing company in Delhi has four departments

  1. Design department handles the graphical interface of your website.
  2. Development department handles the coding of your website.
  3. Marketing department takes care of the website content and analysis the effectiveness of the website.

IT department which is responsible for hosting the website

Strategies and Design approach to achieve your goals

Aath Info System believes in understanding the client is the key to customer satisfaction. This interaction not only helps us understand what the website requirements are but also understand the aims and aspiration of the client. After many rounds of interaction we formulate a concrete website proposal.

The lifecycle of website consists of various phases.

  • The planning phase sets the foundation of the website. The purpose of the website, the interactive functionality and requirements are defined.
  • The specification phase requirements are assessed and target audiences are determined. The web design layout, pages, site navigation are also reviewed. Our company use this phase to review competitor websites of their clients.
  • Design phase the prototype of the site is built and framework are reviewed. This helps to review site layout and overall appearance.
  • In the Development phase content is added in this phase. The website features and functionality is added in this phase. Coders use HTML, CSS, CMS, PHP to add the features of the website.
  • In the testing phase automated and manual testing is done to analyze the functionality of the website. During testing data processing, navigation time and load time help in creating error free website. Aath Info System conducts various tests including the stress testing, cross browsing compatibility and scaling.
  • In the release phase website is ready for launch. This includes domain registration, web site hosting. There are different website hosting website designing companies options offer- shared hosting,  dedicated hosting, reseller web hosting, cloud hosting, etc,
  • The SEO phase is one of the most vital phases under taken by us. The website is tested for SEO or search engine optimization. This analysis is vital to improve ranking of the company. Aath Info system uses technique like embedding keywords and creating site maps to improve ranking.

The maintenance phase is the most crucial phase of the website. Content needs to be updated regularly. Content grooming is needed to keep the website live.

Benefits of hiring the website designing company in Delhi

There are several advantages of hiring Aath Info System, when you decide to build a website for your company

  • Outsourcing a website designing company will lower your overhead costs of your company. It also saves the hassles of hiring and training costs. Aath Info System has the experience of handling requirements from different customers.

  • We can build visually appealing websites to attract customers and venture capitalists. Aath Info Systems knows the importance of creating the right first impression for perspective customers. A visually appealing and goal oriented website is critical in conveying the message your business is trying to convey.

  • We can provide a better critical SEO (search engine optimization) needed for your website. This will ensure your website will be found on the top on a web search. Aath Info System collects statistical information about your website giving real time feedback about its popularity, along with the demography of the people visiting your website. This information will help them know the demands of the consumer can help us streamline their efforts to build improve the website to target the right consumer.

  • We specialize in creating websites with social media support. Most contemporary websites including provision for viewers to like or forward links to others. Social media strategies can help to increase the visibility of your company and increase sales.

Website designing companies should give guaranteed maintenance support. This includes troubleshooting and updating features of your company’s website. Technical glitches like downtime, incorrect data and absence of support can hamper your company’s growth. At Aath Info System we have a team of dedicated professionals offering technical support

Tip for choosing a website design company in Noida

Now that you know what a website designing company does and the benefits of hiring them it is important to know that website designing company is just not a service provider but a partner in the growth of your company. If you choose the wrong agency can result in losses to your time and resources.

  • Know your budget and requirements before you start to look for a website designing company. It is a great idea to send your requirement to multiple companies and request for a proposal. This will give you a chance to compare deliverable and skill sets.

  • Website designing company must have a portfolio. You must ask for relevant website of their work. In case you are travel website they must have designed something similar in the past. It is good idea to visit the websites mentioned in their proposal it will help get a feel of their work. Website designing company should offer other services ranging from graphic design, SEO and brand promotion. This will improve your company visibility of your website.

  • Website designing company must have CMS (content management system) for your website.

  • It is essential you do market survey about website designing companies. Reading reviews and testimonials from clients will give you an idea about the expertise they have to offer. You could also ask previous client about feedback. Was the project delivered on time? How was their support? Are they client friendly? Are there any unexpected costs?

  • Website designing company must be aware of the latest design trends in the market. They should know the latest trends as well as the suitability of these trends for your product.

  • Websites are all about communication and should be able to understand your requirements and be able to ask for clarifications if any on these requirements. There should be a free flow of ideas and opinions when you are explaining your requirements. Web designers who are not effective communicators are unlikely to build a communicative website.

  • The total cost required to build your website should be transparent. You should have the final costs before you sign the contract. Many website designing companies have hidden costs. You should also have concrete timeline to the duration of the project.

Aath Info System has a diverse portfolio of work. We are a digital marketing company and provide a range of services including SEO, content writing, and in touch with all latest trends in the digital world. All our website our comprehensive tested before launch.  We believe in being upfront with our clients and give realistic time frame about our delivery and our proposals have no hidden costs. Aath Info System have become market leaders because of our commitment of putting our client’s first.